Flight instruction is just the beginning.

***Teninty Aeronautics is now based at Osborn Field (o2FA) in Groveland Florida***

I am Michael Teninty and I have a vision of promoting and growing general aviation. I want to see aviation become more affordable to the general public and help grow the population of safe pilots.

Contact me for ground & flight instruction, flight reviews, currency, seminars on aviation, consultation, and aviation safety services.

By all means, if you have a question, or idea, or want to be part of the future of Teninty Aeronautics, send an email or call:   or   1 (850) 313-0151.

Very respectfully,

Michael D. Teninty, MAS / CFI / Proprietor

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About Michael Teninty

Hello fellow aviators,

Aviation is my passion and has been since I was small. My first lesson was in N739PD flying out of Fairbanks, Alaska on a Wednesday in 1996, great day! I caught the bug and have been addicted to flying since then. Since that time I have flown several aircraft: Cessna 150, 152, 172; Piper 140, Arrow; Beechcraft Sierra, Musketeer, T-34B, T-34C (Turbomentor), TC-12(King Air 200), Cirrus SR-20; Diamond DA-40/180 & DA-42, American Champion Citrabria; and finally the Lockheed P-3C and EP-3E. I hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument rating in airplane single and multi-engine land aircraft. I hold a Flight Instructor Certificate in airplane single engine land, and a Ground Instructor Certificate with both Advanced and Instrument Ratings.

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