Flight instruction is just the beginning.

I am Michael Teninty and I have a vision of promoting and growing general aviation. I want to see aviation become more affordable to the general public and help grow the population of safe pilots.

Contact me for flight and ground instruction, flight reviews, currency, seminars on aviation, consultation, and aviation safety services.

Customized flight instruction is given in client owned single engine fixed wing aircraft. Clients will be asked to add me as named insured.

By all means, if you have a question, or idea, or want to be part of the future of Teninty Aeronautics, send an email or call:   or   1 (850) 313-0151.

Very respectfully,

Michael D. Teninty, MAS / CFI / Proprietor

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About Michael Teninty

Hello fellow aviators,

Aviation is my passion and has been since I was small. My first lesson was in N739PD flying out of Fairbanks, Alaska on a Wednesday in 1996, great day! I caught the bug and have been addicted to flying since then. Since that time I have flown several aircraft: Cessna 150, 152, 172; Piper 140, Arrow; Beechcraft Sierra, Musketeer, T-34B, T-34C (Turbomentor), TC-12 (King Air 200); Cirrus SR-20; Diamond DA-40/180 & DA-42, American Champion Citrabria; Pilatus PC-12/47E (NG); and finally the Lockheed P-3C and EP-3E. I hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument rating in airplane single and multi-engine land aircraft. I hold a Flight Instructor Certificate in airplane single engine land, a Ground Instructor Certificate with both Advanced and Instrument Ratings, a Remote Pilot Certificate, and I am a graduate of the Naval School of Aviation Safety.

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