Aviation Services

I look forward to flying with YOU!!!

Services in client and club owned aircraft

I am certificated to instruct in Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) for Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificates.

A typical flight lesson will include one hour of ground instruction and 1.5 hours of flight instruction. A syllabus will be provided, or if you are returning to flying, a custom syllabus will be provided based on previous flight experience and a baseline skill assessment flight.

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Client investment list

I invite you to make the following investments in your flight education or aviation knowledge base.

Academics, Ground Training, and Aviation Consultations

Online Private Pilot Ground School: $149.00 Per Year

Online Instrument Pilot Test Preparation: $99 Per Year

Online Remote Pilot Ground School: $249.00 for four years access

Ground instruction: $50 per lesson / Skype, Facetime, or telephone based Ground Instruction: $25 per lesson

Aviation Safety Consultation: $50 per hour / Examples: Aviation Safety Program assistance and club safety program reviews

Aviation Related Consultation: $20 per hour

Aviation Safety Seminars: $100 per seminar

Ground Training

Flight Training

Introductory flight and baseline skill assessment: $50 per flight*

Primary flight instruction: $100 per flight*^

Currency only flights: $50 per flight

FAA WINGS Flight Activities: $50** per flight activity

Flight reviews: $75 per flight review

IMG_0906Me & DadIMG_2328

I accept major credit cards, PayPal, and cash for services rendered.

Email TenintyAeronautics@outlook.com to schedule a conversation about your flight training needs.

Tell me your story!

* Minimum time for a lesson is one flight hour and the maximum is 2.5 flight hours.

** Pick an Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) flight activity from www.faasafety.gov, print it, and schedule a flight with me. Once complete, I will validate the flight activity with the FAA and you will be on your way to accomplishing your next WINGS phase!

^ A 20% discount is available for active, reservist, and retired members of the military. Evidence of military service is required.

2 thoughts on “Aviation Services

  1. Hello Mr. Teninty! I found your website from the AOPA Learn to Fly page. I am a US Army Officer headed to Fort Lee, Virginia in February for 6 months of schooling. I’ve recently decided that this is probably the best time to try for my Privates Pilot license. I am wondering if we could find time to meet so,eti,email the first week of February to discuss potential student lessons? I hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you!



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